Summer 2008 Part 1

June 28th, 2008

Summer 2008 has been fantastic so far!!! Below is a few highlights of what I’ve been up to…

It all started with Dundas Busker Festival in Dundas, ON, Canada from June 6-8. This was my 2nd of the Canadian Busker Festivals. Basically it was 15 acts from around the globe who were let loose into the streets of a small town for some of the kindest audiences on the globe, and forced to live a college dorm together (sort of like a reality show, but without the backstabbing and no one is claimed the winner). Despite the extreme heat about 40,000 people attended. All the acts were great and unfortunately the weekend went too quickly, but my fingers are crossed that I’ll be back again!

Photo by: Evan Young

Later in June I was asked to be the opening at for the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra (who was the opening act for fireworks) during Celebrate Lancaster. The day began with gorgeous weather, but as soon as I arrived, it poured down rain… luckily the rain cleared just in time for me to begin my show! What started as a crowd of about 100 people turned into 1000+! After I finished I was surrounded by a handful of young fans who asked me to autograph their t-shirts, hats, and even a diaper. It was great to work about 5 miles from home!