Summer 2008 Part 2

July 28th, 2008

July Highlights…

July 7th – My 1 year anniversary!

Evan & I were asked to perform at Tannen’s Magic Camp by our good pal Derek Hughes. I’ve been wanting to go to Tannen’s since I was in middle school, but was never able, so yes I was pretty geeked to go! The students there are fantastic, they definitely know their stuff!

July 18-20 – Artscape 2008 – Baltimore, MD

This was my 4th year back at Artscape which is always fun. Got to hang out with my good friends Evan Young & Jason Moffett.

Highlights – Shows were great, and the people had fun!

Lowlights – 1. My iPod was stolen. 2. I was attacked by a monkey (Seriously). 3. I came home to find my bicycle was stolen.

After a week in Baltimore, Evan and I headed on the road for another week to NJ, NH, NY (yes almost ALL of the “New” States… Sorry New Mexico), and finally back to PA. Shows were great and we got to stay with the great Dave Cox for a few days!