I just got back from the Festival of Fools in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK. I had a lovely time, met a lot of really great performers, and was treated like a king! Thanks to everyone who made it happen and who came to see me perform.

When I was telling people where I was going I felt a little confused if I was going to Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK, Belfast, or somewhere else. If you are as confused as I was check out this video.

Still confused? Yeah me too…

The festival actually used my “mug” as the face of this year’s event! I was on Billboards, Posters, The Program Cover, and on 70,000 Beer Mats/Coasters around the city. I got to act like a celebrity as I got recognized around the city and I would even sign people’s programs (even when they didn’t ask or make eye contact).

I had a few days to travel and got to see the Giants Causeway. Beautiful! If I had to describe my trip in 3 words I’d say… Green, Rocks, Sheep. I highly recommend visiting if you get the chance.

Check out some photos from my trip.